This is important because Totality Ministries is helping to lead out in helping people to “abandon attitudes of prejudice against any group of God’s children” (as advanced by Russell M. Nelson).
Some are referring to Timothy Paulson as one of today’s most important artists because his paintings are not just highly collectible – they attract attention to the Art Movement that symbolizes peace, love, and unity.

Paulson’s work is rich with color, vibrancy, and texture, illustrative of unity and harmony between people of all races, backgrounds, ages, and faith traditions. When Timothy brings different colors together in a piece of art, he intentionally helps illustrate and inspire racial harmony. When one looks at Timothy’s paintings, they feel peace because the work is a merging of art and theology – God can be found in some way in each piece.

Pictured is the famous painting titled Rise from the Dust (featured in chapter 1 of Paulson’s book, TotalityX). Timothy transformed a boring, monochrome $7 yard sale painting into this $1,000,000 abstract painting that helped launch the Totalityism Art Movement. The painting’s title is reflective of its literally rising from the dust, to be a million-dollar painting. This is illustrative of God raising people up to become all He created them to be in a world of peace, love, and unity. The diversity and unity of colors, along with the texture in the painting, are astonishing.